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About Me

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island.”

                                                            Walt Disney

Although I didn’t start out as a good reader, I led the neighborhood in playing ‘Let’s Pretend’ in the garage building rooms, telling stories, and playing school.

            When I discovered the art of reading I never stopped. After marrying, we had two daughters and began reading to them before they could sit up! As their reading abilities increased, they’d bring their own special book to the lunch table and I’d bring mine.

            I loved teaching middle school English and the opportunities it offered to open the world of ‘what it’ to stimulate their imaginations while learning. To help teach observation in writing and reading, I introduced the ‘ole’- time radio shows complete with a narrator. The students wrote the script and then had to think of every sound and description needed to help the listeners draw their own picture, from doors closing to horses galloping away! We then took the show to the lower classes with great success.

            After this, the students wanted to do more. And it helped them watch for the deeper meanings in what they read!

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